what is mantra

A mantra is a sound vibration. The word "mantra" is an ancient Sanskrit word consisting of two connotations: man (mind) and tra (deliverance). A mantra is essentially a sonic vibration that delivers the mind from its material inclinations and spells of illusion.

Chanting is the process of repeating a mantra.

Chanting mantra does not require any previous qualification, initiation or knowledge to do so. It is actually one of the accessible meditative practices to engage in. Thankfully, it is not necessary to possess a lovely, sonorous singing voice. Therefore, it is not about how good we sound but about the sound vibrations we emanate and the underlying intention we bring to the practice.

I have found that mantra works on a number of levels. On a purely physiological level, the vibrations help to restore harmony to the organism. If you have finished chanting and you do not feel better physically, then there is something wrong with you. It is important to realize that mantras are beyond the ken of the simple arrangement of letters into a word the word itself being but a mere representation of something far more profound.

What is more significant in the cosmic order of things is the power that has been infused into each mantra. Mantras are not communicative in the sense that we have come to understand communication. First and foremost, the vibratory effects of a mantra invoke particular forces that leave a most discernible aftermath upon an environment.

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