sssss mmmmm aahhh ooooo (as in oops) oohhh (as in oat) aaayy (as in ace) eeeee (as in eat)

According to Gnostic tradition, these are the seven sacred vowels that are each tuned to its corresponding chakra. So for instance, sssss relates to the root chakra on up through to eeeee that relates to the crown chakra. As you sound out each one, imagine all the impurities associated with that chakra are cleared out. I could spend page after page discussing chakras, but suffice it to say they do very much exist within us and are vortices of psychic nerve energy used to distribute prana and our lifeforce throughout our physical body.

They are kind of like the glands for our ethereal bodies, our vital bodies as they are known. The idea is to open these chakras through meditation and energy work from the root chakra located at the base of spine, to raise our kundalini energy our creative life force up to our crown chakra, the gateway to the worlds and dimensions beyond.

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