tarot art playTarot cards contain, within the symbolism of each card, all of the possible experiences of life. Each card acts like a sentence. Many possible meanings lie in a sentence taken out of context, it's only when we read the whole paragraph that it makes sense. The whole paragraph, in Tarot terms, is the way the cards are arranged during a reading. This is called a spread. For those who feel that trying to learn the various meanings of each card is a daunting task, here is a fun and exciting way to learn the Tarot.

The Tarot deck consists of 56 suit cards; unlike the deck of playing cards that we are familiar with tarot has four court cards to a suit, King, Queen, Knight and page. There are also 22 cards that are not associated with any suit. These are commonly referred to as the Major Arcana. Separate these cards from the deck. You will note that each one is numbered. The first card, numbered zero, is the Fool.

This is where the Tarot begin

Look at the Fool. He seems to be walking to the edge of a cliff. Is he? Or is he walking alongside? Is he walking or dancing? He has a sack on a stick over his shoulder, what is in it? There's a dog in the picture, is the dog playing, attacking, or warning him about the cliff? Think about these questions as you look at the next card number 1, the Magician.

The Magician stands behind a table with items on a cloth. Is the cloth the Fool's sack? Are the items on the table what was in the sack? Has the Fool now become the Magician? This is where the fun begins.

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