For this time magic spell and the other spiritual magic power almost disappear, real magic power rarely was to be seen or never indeed. There no wonder because of high technology that used human logic thinking very influence.

So many people don’t know how great the spiritual magic power inside themselves. If you interest to follow this science simply just keep your body, spirit and soul live in harmony.

Followed way to build your spiritual power self below before magic spell used for

The seed of faithfully was growing believe then freedom, personality, patient can be build self.

Diligent, still heart, not to be back before it done

Right used five senses and sensory perceptions

Smart to keep good personality and make it people around in harmony living.

More better your soul more power you’ve got

Although this magic what will learn next be taken from east, specifically from Java, Indonesia. But every people around the word surely can use this power of magic spell well, no matter what and who you are. Because just one kind spirit in this universe.

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