Magic Spells Panglimunan - Invisible

This is high level magic spells and spritual domination was needed. This spells used for invisible body make it.

Practice for knew it that spells successed or not:

After spoken this spells when the the sun rising, stand up to the place in order to your body got the sun light then was tried to find your hollow.
  • If you can't see your hollow it means this spells work done.
  • If you can see your hollow it means this spells does'nt work and you must repeat this ritual again.

Magic Spells that spoken:

Ingsun amatak ajiku si ajisoko
ingsun mancik bumine Allah
Yo aku anake Jan Banujan, aku Kilat Buwono
sakabehing mungsuh ora padha waruh marang aku
matane dak tutupi bathok bolu
peteng dhedhet alimengan
sakehing musuh podho cadhok cato-cato polo
bingung kersaning Allah

Meaningful in english:
I was spoken my spells the Ajisoko
I was stand on the earth of God
Yes... I am the Sons of Jan Banujan,
I'm the Flash of Universe
All of the enemy can't see where I am
Their eyes closed by Bathok Bolu
Darkness all the lights
All of the enemy then Cadhok cato-cato polo
Confused caused of Gods will

Invisible bodies ritual needed :
Ritual of Ngebleng - 7 days and 7 nights
Started from Thuesday Kliwon. See Javanesse Calender

Don't used this spells for the bad things.

Read the Rules

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