Confidential is one important thing beside the 5 principle basic of spiritualism for build your own Magic Power, for a good understanding we must knew their history.

Spiritualism and supernatural magic power beginning from Hindustani and then was grew to Egypt then to Greece land. The Rome, Italian was influenced because their connected with Greece. And the last goes to Arabian, although it has different practical, ideology or the exercises.

Hindustan, Egypt, Greece Land become to a great place for spiritualism and supernatural magic power. Until now we can saw the civilization appreciated with look so many colorized of Sculpture, Temples, Pagodas and more carves that still exist.

Generally the carved that can be shown in, could be make some symbols, letters or characters that can be read. So many people can be read it, but very rarely to caught the atmosphere or nuance of their spiritual magic. Because of adore the shaped of carve with spoken, right now that’s what called the MAGIC SPELLS

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