Wands are used for spiritual and religious rituals. Although many people believe that the wand is magical and creates our intentions, we need to remember that it is indeed the power of our intentions that drives the power in the wand. The wand is a tool into which we direct our will and intentions. Although a wand is not a requirement for Magic, we can use substitute such items as an umbrella, a tree limb or a piece of driftwood. Natural items are of more value in magic than items brought at a store since the wand is considered part of tree magic.

Also, it is very important that we do not hurt or maim any tree in order to get the wood to make our wand. Driftwood is the best since it was naturally released by the tree and has been toughened and smoothed out by the Earth and the Sea. If you take a fallen branch from the bottom of a tree, remember to leave a libation as proof of your gratitude. Lightning struck wood is considered especially powerful.

Any piece of wood that gives you the right "feel" is good enough for a wand. The length of a typical wand is about eighteen inches. All-purpose wands may be made of Ash, Hawthorn, Hazel or Rowan. If the wand is made for a special purpose, choose the wood that it suitable for this intention. For healing magic, use hazel; for exorcism, use date palm or tamarisk; for love, use apple or ash tree; for divination, use ash, rowan or willow.

If you are trying to make a wand for protection, use blackthorn olive or rowan wood. Tradition also may dictate what type of wood you may use for the wand.

The Celtic tradition prefers hawthorn or hazel. Chinese tradition uses peach wood or willow. Druid traditions use hawthorn, rowan, yew, or oak depending on UK or US traditions. The ancient Romany used Elm and other traditions used birch or willow.

Sometimes wands are also made of metal since it is a wonderful conductor of energy. An iron wand is believed to enhance the power of protection and copper is an excellent conductor of energy. Some witches have one wand made of wood and another made of metal.

Wands may be decorated with items that may also have purposes. For example, a wand made for love may be tipped with a rose quartz crystal. For fertility, use a moonstone on top of a silver wand. For money magic, use driftwood tipped with coral, shells and pearls. Amethyst tip is believed to empower spiritual quests and cleansing.

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