Tarot History 2

Saturday, May 02, 2009

tarot historyOrestes did not feel lucky when the god Apollo forced him into making a choice about proceeding with the punishment of death upon his mother for murdering his father. Orestes was trapped in a precarious situation. On the one hand if Orestes disobeyed Apollo he could be made to go mad by the god. But if Orestes killed his mother, he would be haunted by the witch-like furies. Orestes weighed his options and chose not to go against Apollo.

Orestes fulfilled his deed. With his mother dead at his own hands, the furies wrath descended. But luck as well as justice was on Orestes side. Orestes fell into despair and sought the help of the goddess Athene, who is the goddess of justice. Athene weighed Orestes predicament and felt pity for him. After all, the curse was not any of Orestes doing as it was handed down through generations. Through Athene's divine justice, everything was made right and Orestes was free.

To often, when we are faced with life' s challenges, we will "shut down" emotionally, and choose to either ignore or avoid the problem.

Maybe you had an Apollo in your life who forced you to take action and take your life back. I know after many of these stagnant periods in my life, I can look back and thank the Universe for the opportunity given to me by "pushy" people, so I would take action instead of wallow in my depression. After the dilemma was over, I was a stronger person. I was free of the fear to not act on my behalf.

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