Use ancient remedies
Break up spells are used to terminate an established relationship that has gone awry. They may also be used to put off unwanted attention from others or to discourage stalkers and bothersome Romeos. In the olden days, turnips were used to repel lovers. If a lady did not like a suitor, setting a dish of turnips before him was enough to make him leave. Another break up instigator is the black snake root. Carrying it with us or bathing in water into which this botanical is infused can keep abusive or bothersome suitors away from our life.

Breakup Powder
We can also make break-up powder which is potent and will do the job of getting rid of unwanted love. Gather some lemongrass, mullein, patchouli, valerian and Vetiver. Dry them well and grind them together into a powder. Sprinkle this powder in the shoes and pant pockets of the people who are bothering you. If you are really losing patience, try a banishing spell.

First you have to gather the following items to make banishing powder: Cayenne Pepper, Dragon's blood powder, Ground Sassafras, Gun powder (or a mixture of saltpeter and sulphur), Habanero powder, shotgun pellets and a crushed wasp's nest. Mash all the ingredients together using a mortar and pestle. When the mixture is ground well, use a coffee grinder or a spice mixer to grind the mix to very fine powder.

Remember to take care of as some of these powders are really toxic to our skin and may injure us. To make lovers stay away, sprinkle some of the powder at your target's doorstep and bury the rest in his yard.

Love Antidote Spell
Powdered sassafras bark is very powerful when it comes to repelling unwanted love. If you have a sassafras tree in your own home, you can get some of the bark and grind it in a mortar and pestle. You can also buy it from the store. It may be called file powder because it is used in the Louisiana Cajun cuisine to make gumbo, the delicious soup that is favored by the locals.

Remember to not use essential oil of Sassafras because it is highly toxic. To the ground powder, add some castor oil and jojoba oil. Using one piece from seven square pieces of paper, write in dragon's blood ink: You have no power over me. I am free from your binding spell!

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