It is written " will be despised and rejected among your own…" (Paraphrased). Have you suffered through any of this yet? As a personal beacon of light for your information, while engaged in your present circumstances and involvements, most especially intimate relationships, when you feel the absolute most hopeless, helpless and totally unclear, blinded by insecurity and confusion regarding your personal progress, success, materialization of desires or goals that you set for yourself, thinking it could not get any worse, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that personal regression and despair is a clear cut diamond faceted indication that you as a personality are releasing control over to your soul. This state of tribulation, my friend, is a glorious thing. Rejoice prayerfully in the assured knowledge that you have indeed arrived at a place of desecrated absolution.

Life is a mysterious creature and without the benefit of esoteric wisdom of old, "…we would all be men most miserable…" (Paraphrased). It is prodigiously written that we are to live abundantly and be full of good cheer. Whether that is a sick joke or an enlightened aphorism, nevertheless, we are to find our way "…through fear and trembling…" (Paraphrased) How are we to do this? By and through the various ordeals our particular life offers us on a daily basis. Some of our trials will be harrowing, no doubt. Some of them will be jubilant but somewhere in the middle is where we are to find happiness.

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