Awakening Sometimes we ask who we are and why we are here, what is the meaning of life and death. We search after answers which can come from friends, books or some religion. We meet hindrances and successes and learn to feel ourselves better, and thereby others too. From a state of sleep to awakening… We stretch and see the world with newly awakened eyes. To become aware of oneself and the outer world is a process. Spirituality belongs to each and everyone and not to a specific religion. Spirituality spreads over this planet faster than ever. It actually doesn´t spread, because it has always been in every soul, a science and feeling that we don´t need any proof of.

Everything is about how far your awakening process is. Every human goes through this process sooner or later. One cannot "become" spiritual, it is something that one already is and has always been.

From deep sleep to full awareness The more people know the less shock there is when the day of contacting our universe sisters and brothers comes. We can tell our friends about this so that they understand, because media is not good at doing this. The contact is going to happen in a couple of years, maybe tomorrow. You also know this, but think that it's going to happen or might happen in the distant future. The truth is that it lies very close.

If you choose not to read further then it's the right choice for you. We always choose to open ourselves when we feel that we are ready. Now it's time to get ready for the biggest adventure of the Earth, because that is what is going to happen. Aliens do not just look like as you've seen on TV. Most of them look just as we do, you wouldn't notice any big difference. On our planet exist groups like Europeans, Asians, Africans and so on, everyone with their special characteristics. There are many more in the universe.

On developed planets the characteristics are very much like that in humans. Small details like eyes, ears and face forms vary, not only "green people", like media often likes to show them.

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