I can assure you it will be a flavorful, pleasure filled, pain reeked existence but not without the assurance that we are doing it because we WANT to and for no other reason! That would certainly eliminate our trying to defend, excuse, apologize, take credit for or blame in various situations when it's ridiculous to do so. The soul desires to create and express fully in every imaginable fashion while we inhabiting this body of flesh. We are capable, because of her, of doing incredible feats; unimaginable even at present sitting. "…greater things will you do, than I do…" (Paraphrased). If that's so, I'm throwing my hat of resistance into the tub and picking up her cloak of "…joy inexpressible and full of glory…" (Paraphrased). I always did like a good drama; one I couldn't figure out the plot!

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