If in fact the ineffable soul has determined an existence of human experience in each of us, we shall not be denied the entirety of that professed life. On the same token, we are not to shy away from certain responsibilities and obligations that we are inherently guided to assume. These duties can not ever be imposed from the outside. She (the affable soul) dictates all actions from a divine sphere without question, approval or response from us. Since she is the divine trickster, in regards to how our lives unfold, (her private joke) we can openly invite the various pleasures of our innate natures into the picture for selection and processing.

No one would argue that the Soul is absolute love but what that entails, no one knows for certain. Just for starters, Sublime love goes beyond rational reason, logical explanation, comparison, competition, and judgment. Since we, as mortals, are completely biased, prejudiced, grievous, greedy, jealous, self-serving, resentful, competitive, and bustin' a gut of ego in a pot belly filled to overflowing of lust in appetite for winning, appreciation and aggrandizement, we fall just a little short of her excellence. So, what are we to do? The only thing we can do. Surrender. Give over to her inexplicable way of experiencing this life.

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