Tarot History Final

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

tarot the final historyTo make a living, especially at something you've been employed at for a long time, may dead-end when you find you can't go any further in your pursuit. Unlike Daedalus' life, it doesn't take a murder for your mediocre job to end suddenly. You know you can't go any further up the ladder and won't be receiving more pay, so sometimes, in order to grow, you may be forced to take a different road to gain a different perspective.

Over my life I've had many different professions: secretary, corrections officer, property manager, author, and tarot instructor. These radical changes were due to sometimes circumstances beyond my control, and then also, the fact that I was simply bored. In the beginning of these job changes, I have to admit they were based on money. But now my work has led me not so much to the money, but to the satisfaction and contentment. I, like Daedalus, hope to live a satisfied and rich life.

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