Tarot History 1

Friday, May 01, 2009

sexy tarot historyOne of my favorite tarot decks is the Mythic Tarot, by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene. Purchased nearly eighteen years ago, and even after all these years of use, the cards are still in great shape. The book's condition, however, is another story. Its pages, long ago unhooked from the spine, are underlined, dog-eared, highlighted (in three different colors!), and yellowed

Desperate times called for desperate searching, and over my lifetime, I've ran into quite a few bumps in the road. I self-taught myself the tarot so when I laid out a spread seeking clarification to the challenge I faced at the time, I studied the book.

I related to the Greek myths. There was a compelling story with every card suit that I could relate about my hardships. (As you probably guessed, I received A LOT of sword and pentacle cards!)

The suit of swords is represented by Orestes and the House of Artreus. Orestes is a young man trapped in the middle of a family curse, a selfish and arrogant father, and a revengeful mother. Throw in a ticked off goddess and a Greek god who made it Orestes job to avenge the murder of Orestes' father, and you have one sad, confused, threatened kid. Orestes agonized over his fate and decided to do what most of us who've been through the emotional wringer do, and that was to do nothing. But, as in real life, those of us going through a similar stalemate, are sometimes kick-started into action by an outside source.

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