Convinced that humans are pleasure seeking creatures and self-motivated to fulfill these pleasures for the soul's benefit of experience, it bears witness in examination that we are to expand our horizons at every possible junction. We are not to hold back, be afraid, cow down, and dismiss our desires on any level. We are neither, to usurp the rights, advantages, positions, or supposed 'portions of favor' of another. We are to travel in our own {Soul's} selected orbit without collision or recourse.

What I have to do or want to do in no way affects or diminishes what you care to achieve. If I am 'natural and convenient' in my dealings, I can in no wise upset the apple cart of which you are driving. Nothing that has been allotted for me can be held back from me and the same goes for you. I have no need to quarrel, defend, fight, or bicker with you since you have nothing to do with what I am going to do. I will not look to you for help nor will you ask it of me. I am perfectly capable of carrying my own bags as are you. Nothing that will ever occur will be out of season since it is impossible for it to be so.

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