MODE OF Cosmic Therapy: For the Love of Esoteric Wisdom

The human body will fail, the mind will fade but the soul will never diminish. It is an eternal sacred flame of effervescent glow that can not be extinguished by human hands. Though you may have idealistic notions about how wonderful your soul is, the solemn truth pierces the veil of your deceptive illusions. She is ruthless, unconcerned, disinterested and merciless in her approach for human experience. She has plummeted you into a world of existence in which you are to learn (remember) how to survive, adapt, reproduce, thrive and rise above any and all adversity without even as much as a nod of approval from her.

The soul will in no wise be affected except by and through your ability to realize that the experiences on Earth are provided as the 'soil to toil' for her alone to experience the lessons for disengagement, through you, as is necessary and as she deems fit. You are to be fully involved in every circumstance, relationship, involvement, situation, event, and episode simply for the experience (proper understanding) of it and then evolve out of the variegated occurrences without bitterness, regret, remorse, pride, or sense of accomplishment of your own merit. You are never to now exactly when or how any of it will end or progress. In the meantime, you are to live without thought, care or worry. You will be plagued with doubt, fear, pain, embarrassment and humiliation of every conceivable nature.

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